Es werden Posts vom September, 2016 angezeigt.

Long Story Short - Kurzfilme über Instagram/Tumblr Künstler

Der Mobilfunkanbieter Orange portraitiert Instagram und Tumblr Künstler in Kurzfilmen - aktuell sind zwei Staffeln verfügbar. Sehr sehenswert

Free Photography Online Course by Marc Levoy

You can find an online photography course from Marc Levoy on Youtube for free. There are 18 videos which are a version of a course Levoy has given at Stanford University.

Lecture 1:

New stuff from DxO

It looks like DxO made a relaunch for the DxO One. The product website has a new design - also a new official video.
But the major news are that DxO released some accessories for the DxO One including some cases, tripod mounts and filters. And also expect a new major update for the iOS App (v. 2.0) in the middle of September 2016 - maybe at the Photokina in Cologne which takes place from the 20. Sep. until 25. Sep. 2016.