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mein DxO One Setup

In this post I like to show you my setup, when using the DxO One. My main focus is to keep things simple small and light, basically one of the reasons the most people will use the DxO One. As said in a previous post I use the camera combined with an iPhone 6s with 64GB storage. For increased performance of the DxO One i use a Samsung Pro microSD card which is available in different sizes up to 128 GB. Samsung claims that it can read 95 MB/s and write at 90 MB/s. I didn´t measure it, but I noticed the difference while to the older Sandisk microSD card I used before. Every inch of performance is welcome.
To cope with the battery life of the DxO One and my iPhone I usually pack a small Intenso Powerbank with 5200 mAh - there are Powerbanks with more juice but also more weight.
For a tripod solution I use a small Manfrotto with the Glif (which is also available for the iPhone 5s and SE) a to fit the iPhone on the camera mount. Last but not least I use a self created case made out of felt …